Welcome to Project ManaWanaq

We are a group of people who are supporting the neediest communities in Peru.
We provide support by building schools, carrying doctors, medicine, clothing, etc.. To the most remote villages of Peru to provide a better education and quality of life for its residents.

All this support we provide is absolutely free, like the members making it up, do not perceive any kind of incentive, whether material or economic, only the happiness of our neighbor.


The "Project Manawanaq" is a reality since 1998 and with the help of many sensitive people from different parts of the world, mostly Japanese and Peruvians, we are achieving the goals set.

We do not accept something or someone who wants to distort, use, benefit or harm the image and goodwill of all those who trust in us


It exists in our countries, a type of false racism, is the fact that people of the same nation and race, for the opportunity they had to tread a school, and with a little more money, look to those who did not, as unworthy of shame.


Our struggle is to try to get out of that pit of ignorance, and for this, the best weapon we have is the education.

Educating and teaching our children the values of human beings and nature, we can help and change, even slightly, the fate of our dying planet


Children are the hope, ... we just twisted trees

(a good listener, few words)